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Fitness CEO

Aug 4, 2022

Your hosts Bryce Henson and Bedros Keuillian join together in today’s show to provide you with knowledge and insight into the current Recession.  Hear about what a recession is, how often they happen, and how you can monopolize on it.  Bryce and Bedros join forces to give you the inside scoop on what is happening in society and the market today and you can use it to build your business better and stronger. 

  • 01:15 - Your hosts Bryce and Bedros come together to talk about the current recession and the obstacles and opportunities to thrive.
  • 02:20 - Bedros breaks down how the current recession started 4 - 5 months ago with inflation and how it has been developing.  
  • 04:00 - Hear how you can monopolize on this recession and stack it in your favor.
  • 04:50 - Bryce breaks down what a recession is, listen to learn the details of the normal life cycle of business.
  • 06:10 - Follow along as Bryce and Bedros address the challenges during a recession.
  • 10:30 - Hear about the benefits of a recession and how you can come out on top through it.
  • 18:20 - Bryce asks Bedros to share on birthing FBBC during a recession.
  • 22:20 - Where do we go from here? Hear Bryce and Bedros’s insights for moving forward during this recession and how you can continue to grow your business.