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Fitness CEO

Jun 15, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson interviews today’s guests Nina and Herve Medard owners of West Boylston Fitbody Bootcamp in Massachusetts. Herve shares how his 20+ years in the fitness industry led him to open up his own FBBC alongside his wife Nina. Learn about the challenges and highlights of owning your own gym, becoming your own boss, and journeying into success.

Get insight into the four common threads shared amongst successful people so that you can strengthen your entrepreneurial bones and start your success journey today!

01:10 - Your host Bryce Henson introduces today’s guests Herve and Nina Medard
01:36 - Herve shares his back story from growing up in a small town outside of Chicago and his journey into the fitness industry over the past 20+ years.
10:05 - Nina shares her background of getting into the fitness industry right out of Art School and how she and Herve started their relationship.
12:15 - Bryce asks Nina how important relatability is to clients.
13:29 - Herve and Nina share their story of how they found Fit Body Boot Camp and their journey into being franchise owners.
17:15 - Hear about a year into their gym being open and how they built momentum by running their business as a team.
19:00 - Nina and Herve break down their individual roles in the company and how they guard against their marriage dwindling in the process.
26:10 - Bryce asks what the makeup of their team looks like, listen in to hear how they have constructed a successful team.
29:15 - Nina and Herve talk about some of the strategies they have to get their trainers to buy-in.
30:55 - Hear what some of the biggest challenges and highlights in running their own business have been over the past 5 years.
36:50 - Bryce asks this dynamic duo to share what the biggest value source is that they receive from FBBC.
40:33 - Bryce’s famous Q&A lightning round. Learn what the four common threads are in the most successful people.
47:35 - Connect with Herve & Nina on IG @wbfitbody, @hervemedard, and @ninamedard. Watch out for their new podcast coming up called “Second Wheel Podcast.”

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