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Fitness CEO

Mar 8, 2023

Today’s episode features Joel Kotkas, Fit Body's Director of Marketing.

​​He breaks down Fit Body’s Ultimate Transformation Program (UTP) and ways to quickly increase your revenue.

Tune in and learn how to identify and solve your client’s problem to get them to stay with you long-term.


01:18 - Your host Bryce introduces Fit Body location owner and Director of Marketing, Joel Kotkas.

02:48 - Joel explains what the Ultimate Transformation Program (UTP) is.

04:16 - Joel discusses the origin of UTP and how he and his brother Jarred Kotkas brought it to life.

09:40 - Joel shares how long it took for his location to see results from UTP.

10:27 - Bryce showcases Joel’s willingness to help the rest of the brand by sharing the program he created.

12:00 - Joel shares the innovations he’s seen from UTP 1.0 versus UTP 2.0.

13:09 - Joel answers why he thinks the program is so successful for owners and for clients.

15:20 - Bryce and Joel discuss the value of UTP from both offer and guarantee standpoints.

19:13 - Joel offers advice to owners who are hesitant about launching UTP in their locations.

22:17 - Joel walks us through the process of UTP from a client perspective.

24:38 - Joel talks about the biggest opportunity/results he’s seen from his locations and throughout the brand.

25:35 - Bryce and Joel share the biggest value from the UTP. 27:00 - Bryce and Joel wrap up the interview and leave ending remarks.