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Fitness CEO

Dec 28, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson introduces today's guest Mike Zakarian where they discuss takeaways from the last Bedros/Wes Watson Summit. Get insight into the 7 most valuable pieces of knowledge Mike picked up from the most recent summit and how he has been able to incorporate them into his life.  Tune in to today's show to hear how you can create yourself, simplify your life, and show your clients value.

  • 01:10 - Your host, Bryce introduces today's guest Mike Zakarian to hear about some amazing takeaways from the most recent High Performance Summit.
  • 05:40 -  Hear about how to create yourself and be good at being you first.
  • 11:00 - Dive deep into what creating clarity means for Mike as he expands on creating yourself and your purpose and what you want to do.
  • 15:55 - Learn what it means to have a simplified life.
  • 25:50 - Hear how to build your brand, future capital comes from the value given today.
  • 30:10 - People want the solution to their problems; listen to Mike elaborate on selling the benefits, not the features.
  • 33:20 - Bryce and Mike break down the importance of your ability to show people the value in what you are selling and hear how you can do this. 

“Your frequency is what you frequently see” - Mike Zakarian