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Fitness CEO

Jun 2, 2021

What does it mean to achieve peak performance? What physical and mental pain would you need to overcome to do so? There's a lot of conditioning the mind and changing perspective on how we view ourselves to develop this mindset. Changing your perspective and healing starts with awareness, dedication, and often finding the right person to guide you through the journey. 

In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with Dr. Christopher Stepien, the founder of Barefoot Rehab. Dr. Chris and his team provide a holistic approach involving meditation, anti-inflammatory diet, stress management, fitness, education on psychedelics, and ancestral healing. He shares his story of depression and anxiety, how emotional wounds will hold you back, what it takes to run a thriving wellness practice, and so much more. 

Here's what you don't want to miss:

  • 3:50 The importance of sharing your vulnerabilities
  • 7:45 Running a CrossFit gym and falling short of expectations 
  • 11:00 Why you need an ironclad partnership agreement
  • 14:20 Building a business model that works if you work it
  • 16:45 The attraction of personal development and self-discipline
  • 19:53 Understanding your zone-of-genius and adding value to others
  • 22:50 Addressing chronic adhesion pain and improving your life
  • 25:47 Psychedelic medicine and their impact on the mind
  • 29:30 What it takes to run a thriving wellness practice
  • 32:35 Connecting with people who believe in your vision
  • 35:27 Finding your true passion and being rebellious 

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