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Fitness CEO

Jun 1, 2022

Your hosts Bryce Henson and Bedros Keuillian join together to share with you the Modern Day Knight Project Origin Story on today’s show.  Bedros takes us back to when he came up with the idea for the MDK project and how it transformed into what it is today. 

Hear about how this project focuses on personal growth, mindset, and leadership.  Are you wondering if this project is the challenge you have been looking for? Tune in to get all the details and a quick sizzle reel from inside the project.

  • 01:20 - Your hosts Bryce and Bedros join together to share with you the MDK (Modern Day Knight) Project Origin Story on today’s show.  
  • 04:30 - Bedros talks about being an entrepreneur and getting through the bad days like a Navy Seal.
  • 07:20 - Learn from Bedros how to set your adversary and emotional thermostat to a higher setting to where it takes a lot more adversary to emotional turmoil to bring you down.
  • 10:30 - Bedros shares the 6 pillars he talks about in his book “Man Up” to become a high performing human.
  • 12:50 - Get insight into how Bedros came up with his plan for MDK.
  • 17:20 - Learn about “ring out” and how Bedros prepared for this.
  • 22:20 - Bryce asks Bedros to key up the audience for who this project is geared towards and for.
  • 24:30 - Catch a sizzle reel for MDK, you definitely don’t want to miss this.
  • 27:00 - Bedros shares the structure and mindset behind the four F bombs.
  • 30:35 - Get some final words from Bedros on why and how the MDK project came to be.
  • 33:22 - Follow Bedros @bedroskeuilian and Bryce @therealbrycehenson on Instagram.  Learn more about the MDK project at and get Bedros’s book “Man Up” at and on amazon.

“Fitness is the gateway to higher levels of success” - Bedros Keuilian