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Fitness Franchise Podcast

Jan 19, 2022

In this episode, Bryce Henson learns about getting ‘naked’ with former US Navy Seal William Branum. Will is the founder of “Naked Warrior Recovery,” a CBD company created to support physical and mental recovery through innovation and excellence. 

Learn how to ‘GET NAKED’, Will’s philosophy and mindset which is about taking off your ego so that you stop wearing it around like body armor. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and remove self-limiting beliefs through taking action.

Today, William is focused on sharing the recovery benefits he has experienced through quality CBD (THC Free). He founded NW Recovery in hopes that other Veterans and First Responders can experience their own recovery.

From Navy Seal to founding NW Recovery, listen in as Will bares all and shares his vulnerabilities and how he overcame his many hardships and failures. 

If you’re looking to build an unbeatable mindset in business and life by learning the importance of prioritizing recovery and the ‘GET NAKED’ mindset you don’t want to miss this episode!

- 01:02 - Bryce introduces today’s guest, founder of Naked Warrior Recovery, a former

Navy Seal, Will Branum.

- 01:44 - Will shares his back story from growing up in Mississippi, being heavily

involved in Boy Scouts, and his desire to be a part of something that was bigger than


- 13:13 - Hear about Will’s 3 year journey into becoming a Navy Seal and what his

biggest takeaways and advice are on not giving up.

- 15:00 - Bryce asks Will to share about his BUD/S experience during his Navy time.

- 28:50 - Will breaks down what the “Naked Warrior” mindset is.

- 39:40 - Hear about Will’s CBD business “Naked Warrior Recovery” and how he

transitioned into civilian life and became a business owner.

- 47:00 - Bryce asks Will to share his thoughts on why recovery is so important in life

and to gym owners.

- 49:54 - Learn what you should know and where you should go to tap into the right

information on CBD and to learn more about how it can help.

- 54:50 - Bryce's famous lightning round Q&A. Q: What is your zone of genius? A:

Because I know how to quit but I have the desire to never quit. Q: What is the best

piece of advice you have received? A: It’s ok to change your mind and it is ok to ask

for help. Q: What is your best habit? A: Planning out my next day the night before.

- 1:03:10 - Find and follow Will at and

“Lessons are learned through failure ”

-Will Branum

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