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Fitness CEO

Jul 8, 2021

Join our passionate host Bryce Henson as he interviews High impact coach, author, international speaker, and host of “Sh*t that you don't learn in college” podcast Zander Fryer.  Learn how sales and leadership is about influencing others and are all very much alike from a very well accomplished life and fitness coach.  Listen in to hear how Zander learned very early on how to live from a place of purpose and not fear and how it has catapulted his career and life.  From Zanders very own mentor he learned that,  “Every moment in life is either on purpose or off purpose. Every moment off purpose is a moment wasted that you can never get back.” 

  • 00:45 - Bryce introduces today's guest, author, international speaker, and podcast host: Zander Fryer. 
  • 2:36 - Zander shares how a decision to drive after a few beers one college night changed the course of his plan and opportunity to be a leader in the air force.  
  • 5:00 - With a degree in engineering and his air force dream off the table, Zander joins the corporate world and becomes very successful by 26.
  • 7:35 - Still feeling a void Zander looks to his mentor for guidance which leads him to his real passion which is coaching people. Listen in to see how he made the switch. 
  • 17:20 - Learn how Zander chose to make his decisions based on purpose as opposed to fear and how this thought process brought him so much success. 
  • 19:40 - The most important part of starting or having a coaching business is knowing how to sell.  Learn why sales skills are so necessary and how Zander obtained his knowledge. 
  • 24:00 - Bryce asks Zander to share more on his leap to high impact coaching and on the coaching program they met at. 
  • 29:50 - Bryce asks Zander for a snapshot view into his business of High Impact Coaching.
  • 34:56 - Zander dives deeper into how sales skills are what a coach needs to acquire to be successful.
  • 38:15 - Zander shares the framework of the perfect consultation, how he created a 5 step plan, and the coveted first step: How to approach a conversation and come from the right energy and intention. Listen on for the other 4 steps. 
  • 51:50 - Bryce and Zander talk about clients, how to approach taking that sales call and how to create the ideal client. 
  • 53:26 - Zander talks about his new podcast: “Sh*t that you don't learn in college”
  • 1:00:23 - Bryce’s Lightning round Q&A session.  What is Zanders biggest passion right now: His wife and his podcast. Prior to all of his success what was the big obstacle in Zanders way: He lost his best friend to suicide which was the hardest thing he ever had to deal with and at the same time one of his biggest gifts.  What is the best piece of advice Zander has ever received: “Every moment is either on purpose or off purpose and every moment off purpose is a moment wasted.”
  • 1:05:05 - Keep your eyes open for Zander’s new book coming out soon “Sh*t that you don't learn in college”
  • 1:06:32 - Check out Zander on Instagram @zanderfryer 


“People who pay, pay attention” - Zander