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Fitness CEO

Mar 17, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson interviews Johnny Elsasser, creator of The Wild Man Experience and the Savage system. Johnny is a former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger protective security specialist to the US Ambassador in Iraq. Johnny's mission is to help men find strength in developing masculinity to be consistent with who they are and not what society expects them to be. 

Tune in to hear his experiences through the army, getting over his ego, and his journey into helping others develop themselves to be the best versions of themselves.  Bryce and Johnny break down stigmas around masculine ego and dive deep into showing up for yourself and living your best life. 

  • 01:10 - Bryce introduces today’s guest former special operations US Army Ranger. Protective security specialist to the US Ambassador in Iraq and creator of The Wild Man Experience, Johnny Elsasser. 
  • 02:00 - Hear Johnny’s back story from working hard his whole life to going into the army at 17 and his journey through it that led him to creating his podcast, “The Art of Masculinity.”
  • 12:00 - Bryce asks Johnny to share his mission with his movement, follow along for the details.
  • 16:30 - Bryce asks Johnny what personal growth means to him, listen along to hear his take on self development.
  • 21:00 - Bryce and Johnny talk about celebrating your wins and giving yourself gratitude. 
  • 22:41 - Explore what outward personal growth means and Johnny’s personal fitness journey.
  • 28:22 - Hear how Johnny met Bedros and how important mentors are. 
  • 32:15 - Johnny breaks down his current programs aimed at helping men develop themselves and continually recalibrate themselves. 
  • 40:00 - Bryce asks Johnny to share about his recent plant medicine retreat and how it aided in his personal healing.
  • 46:15 - Bryce's famous lightning round Q&A. Q: What is your zone of genius? A: Being present. Q: What is your biggest passion? A: The podcast. Q: What is the best advice you have received? A: To humble yourself. Q: Book recommendation? A: “Excuses Be Gone” by: Dr. Wayne Dyer and “Eat Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson. 
  • 56:55 - You can find Johnny at on Instagram @johnny.elsasser