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Fitness CEO

Apr 23, 2021

Every successful fitness entrepreneur knows that a positive mindset and belief in their abilities is key to achieving any goal. It's true whether the goal is to get stronger, lose weight, help more clients, make more money, or grow their brand. The more one focuses on positive thoughts and beliefs; the more one can achieve. 


In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast episode, Bryce Henson speaks with Tom Hough, a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, business mentor, and mindset coach. He has personally helped dozens of fitness experts to grow their Fit Body Boot Camp franchise. Along with his wife, Katie, they operate a successful gym with the mission to positively impact their community through their fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching. 


Tom shares with us how he got started in the fitness industry, how to overcome shiny object syndrome, the concept of great coaching, why you should be client-centric, what to expect in your first six months as a franchise owner, and so much more.


"There are three types of people in the world—folks who watch things happen. There are people that make things happen and people who wonder what the heck just happened. Which one do you want to be in your life?" -Tom Hough


2:14 Tom's journey to fulfilling a dream

7:00 The importance of consistency and patience in fitness

9:00 The confidence it takes to lead others and working on yourself first

10:10 What to expect in your first six months of starting a franchise

12:05 Negotiating a new lease and not losing your life savings

14:24 Effective communication and serving people through sales

15:51 Putting in the reps, stacking wins, and overcoming imposter syndrome

17:47 Why focusing on the client experience should come first

19:30 Having a partner to keep you grounded and the importance of growing together

22:51 Going beyond fitness and changing lives through mindset coaching

27:20 How to master the fundamentals and avoid shiny object syndrome 

30:11 Surviving 2020 and pivoting into a virtual workout program

34:25 The concept of great coaching and the habits of successful gym owners

39:40 The biggest challenges that you'll face as a gym owner