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Fitness CEO

Mar 1, 2023

Your host Bryce Henson interviews Bedros Keuilian, serial entrepreneur and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp. Bedros is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker and high performance business coach.

Tune into today’s show to learn the top fundamental skills needed to run a successful business.

00:43 - Your host Bryce introduces serial entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian and the episode’s topic.

01:36 - Bedros discusses the 3 fundamental skills you need to run a successful business.

02:35 - Bryce and Bedros talk about the importance of an entrepreneur being resilient.

06:02 - Bedros shares the trait of focus and its importance.

07:12 - Bryce and Bedros discuss the importance of being resourceful.

08:35 - Bedros shares his experience in the U.S. coming from a third-world country.

10:09 - Learn how Fit Body used resourcefulness and thrived through the COVID-19 pandemic.

11:25 - Bedros asks Bryce how one builds resourcefulness in life, and Bryce answers through personal anecdotes.

13:28 - Hear about why you should be and how you can become humble, hungry, and smart.

17:53 -  Bryce discusses the 3 high income generating skills: sales and persuasion, leadership, and marketing.

18:28 - Bedros dives into talking about how he learned sales/persuasion and marketing.

20:23 - Bryce shares why sales/persuasion is so mission critical to execute the vision to get to the desired outcome.

22:58 - Leadership is discussed and explained in detail.

26:53 - From a marketing lens, Bedros shares if he can create valuable content to add value to his prospect and if he’s good at grabbing attention.

29:07 - Bedros gives his last takeaways.

“Take imperfect action… The perfect time and plan does not exist… If I wait for perfect to launch, I’m probably going to be dead.” - Bedros Keuilian