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Fitness CEO

Dec 7, 2022

Your co-host Bryce Henson gets interviewed by Fit Body Boot Camp's very own Bedros Keuillian.  One of your favorite hosts dives deep into his personal life and follow along to hear the intimate details of his life.  Learn the trials and tribulations that have shaped him and built him into the man he is today.

Learn about what motivates Bryce to be a dedicated health and fitness advocate and an amazing leader.  Hear about how Bryce handles stress, being the CEO of FBBC, and why personal development drives him.

  • 01:20 - Your co-host Bryce gets interviewed by Bedros.
  • 02:10 - Get an inside look into Bryce’s background from growing up in the midwest, growing up in an alcoholic abusive home, being the eldest son, and the responsibility that went along with that.
  • 07:55 - Bryce shares how his upbringing set him into a mindset of an entrepreneur. 
  • 09:15 - Bedros asks Bryce to share how his life and upbringing changed when he moved from his abusive father in Atlanta to his grandmother in Michigan.
  • 12:45 - Hear about Bryce's first job as a newspaper delivery person and why he hated it.
  • 14:34 - Bryce shares the story of how he and his wife Tatianna met, stay tuned for their love story.
  • 21:22 - Stay tuned to hear from Bryce about what leadership means to him.
  • 23:05 - Learn the difference between leadership and management from Bryce’s perspective. 
  • 27:15 - Bedros asks Bryce to break down how he handles stress and the day-to-day of being a CEO of FBBC.
  • 31:46 - Get insight into why personal development is so important to Bryce in all aspects of his life.
  • 34:45 - Hear Bryce's predictions for FBBC over the next 3-5 years. 

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” - Bryce Henson