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Fitness CEO

Nov 2, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson teams up with Bedros Keuilian for today's show about the surprising downfall of F45. Follow along and gather tangible takeaways on how to grow your business while analyzing the F45 model. Since the start, F45 has prided itself on technology. They invested millions of dollars in marketing the technology and in celebrity endorsements.

Sounds like a great strategy to grow a company, right? So what could've gone wrong? Well, listen to see our hosts break it down.

Take your fitness franchise business to the next level with insights, tactics, and practices from Bryce and Bedros.

01:02 - Your host, Bryce, teams up with Bedros for today's show about the F45 model 
02:28 - Bedros breaks down what is going on at F45 
03:55 - Follow along as Bedros speaks about how all franchisees need a support system 
07:35 - Bedros cautions individuals to see beyond the "too good to be true" factor 
08:15 - Bryce explains the celebrity marketing tactic that F45 used 
09:55 - The focus on technology within the brand 
12:03 - Bedros speaks on the differences between having a tech-based USP versus a human-based USP 
14:11 - Bryce shares his take on investing in a franchise that is investor owned as opposed to privately owned 
21:10 - Bryce asked Bedros what he believes the future for F45 entails 
23:10 - Bedros gives his predictions for the future of franchising 
26:45 - Follow your hosts on IG: @realbrycehenson and @bedroskeuilian. 

"It is the humans that call clients out by name when they show up… All those things matter when you have a product that serves people." 
Bedros Keuilian