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Fitness CEO

Jul 14, 2021

Join in with Bryce Henson as he interviews Fit Body Bootcamp’s very own Diana Keuilian. Learn about her business prowess and many exciting ventures in the fitness world.  From starting out at LA Fitness to running an empire with her husband Bedros Keuilian she has achieved many heights as a creator, writer, and fitness guru.  Find out where she pulls her inspiration from to tackle career and life challenges all while gaining knowledge into how she creates such a successful process. 

  • 00:50 - Meet our guest for today, Diana Keuilian the CFO and co-founder of Fit Body Bootcamp, co-founder of Trulean Nutrition, author of “The Recipe Hacker,” and creator of popular recipe site 
  • 2:20 - Diana tells us her story of how she got started in fitness and met her then assistant manager and now husband Bedros Keuilian
  • 5:35 - We learn how Bedros and Diana started one of the first online workout instructionals for their clients to use in the gym.
  • 8:38 - Bryce asks Diana to share tips and starting pieces of wisdom for someone just starting out in fitness entrepreneurship.
  • 16:00 - Learn how the quicker you can jump from feeling fear to feeling gratitude is the key to mental fortitude.  
  • 19:10 - Diana shares how to overcome internal resistance, your own tendency to self-sabotage, and how to identify it. 
  • 24:55 - Hear how Diana has tackled some personal struggles and challenges by getting control of inner dialogue.
  • 28:35 - Learn about Diana’s love of mythology and where she pulls her inspiration from.
  • 33:30 - Diana dives deeper into how going from reaction to response is the biggest thing to master in business and in life.
  • 33:56 - Bryce’s lightning round Q&A.  1. What would be your zone of genius: being an integrator and organizing and communicating it well.  2. What would be some foundational habits that have helped in her process: to wake up early and get your workout in so you're set up for the day. 3. What is your top book recommendation: “The Big Leap,” by Gay Hendricks
  • 39:36 - Check out Diana’s cookbook “The Recipe Hacker”. Visit her website, and follow her on Instagram @fitbodybootcamp and @trueleannutrition.


“Never peak, keep striving”

-Diana Keuilian