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Fitness CEO

Jul 1, 2021

Join along with host Bryce Henson, as he sits down with Fit Body Boot Camp’s very own marketing expert Lauren Nign, as they dive into all things system management and marketing skills.  Hear how Lauren started out as an athlete growing up and followed her passions and combined them into an amazing career in fitness marketing.  Listen along for some practices and strategies to help you build and grow your business through social media and advertisements. 

Here's what you don't want to miss:


00:56 - Host Bryce Henson introduces today’s guest and good friend      Lauren Nign, a digital marketing consultant who specializes in the health and fitness industry. 

3:25 - Lauren shares how her interest in how the mind works led her to study marketing in college and her love of fitness brought her to want to make a career out of the two together.  This led her to her first job as an intern as a social media/marketer for a gym which got her started in the industry.

7:53 - Lauren shares how she learned to help local level gyms by focusing on their clientele in their city. 

13:00 - Interning at a gym turned into a part time position then a full time position at a sister gym for Lauren.  It is here that she found her flow and process for system management and marketing.  She was able to help the company double their income and open 2 more facilities.

15:41 - Ad spend is really powerful in a local environment. Lauren shares how a decent amount of ad spend between $500 to $1000 for a local monthly budget can significantly grow a business.  

19:40 - Building trust and a relationship are very important attributes to have as a Marketer, clients will respond way better to this than just being sold a pitch.

23:00 - Bryce gets Lauren to share practical Marketing strategies on how to utilize clients personal experiences. 

25:26 - Lauren talks on Pinterest and how it is, “ The Google,” of images and blogs where people go to look up recipes, inspiration, fitness, etc. and this tells a Marketer that interest is there. 

32:00 - Bryce asks Lauren to share where she sees the future of social media in the next 12 months and she explains how we need to look at where the landscape is going. 

37:00 - We learned Lauren’s best practices for business owners on what content to share on social media. Make it personal, share your story, your clients stories, and document the journey.

41:50 - Lauren shares her day to day experiences and practices working with Fit Body Bootcamp.

45:26 - Bryce asks Lauren to share a big knowledge bomb for potential gym business owners.  We learned from her about how to create a “Google My Business'' account and how to use this to show up on Google properly, build reviews, add photos, posts with call to actions. This tells Google and your clients you're active and helps boost your business listing. 

52:19 - Leaders are readers, Fitness Franchise book recommendation by Lauren: Contagious by Jonah Berger Marketing Professor. 

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