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Fitness CEO

Dec 8, 2021

Your host Bryce Henson, interviews today’s guest Stuart Brauer, owner of “WTF Gym Talk.” Stuart is a self educated student of strength and conditioning, continually learning and growing.  He is a business consultant, gym owner, and speaker, his company offers social media copywriting services.  

Are you looking for a no nonsense straight shooting approach to your business, lifestyle, and fitness?  Then Stu is definitely your man!  Listen in for key insights into marketing, opening and running a microgym, and all things commercial real estate on today’s show. 

  • 01:15 - On today’s episode, Bryce interviews business consultant extraordinaire Stuart Brauer, a 20 year student in the fitness industry, coach, and commercial real estate businessman. 
  • 02:30 - Zach takes us back to his high school days and what inspired him to dive into fitness. Get his back story about how he started in crossfit to globo gyms and further on into commercial real estate. 
  • 06:45 - Bryce asks Stu to share some of his guerilla style marketing tactics. 
  • 08:50 - Hear about where Stu’s ideas come from and how he models some of his strategies. 
  • 12:00 - Stuart shares stories of his first years of getting his gym off the ground.
  • 15:35 - Bryce asks Stuart how he was able to acquire marketing, business, and leadership skills and the value that they hold in the microgym business. 
  • 24:32 -  Learn marketing and real estate insights from Stuart himself. 
  • 28:45 - Listen along as we transition into Stuart's consulting business, hear the biggest obstacles and challenges in the fitness industry. 
  • 32:12 - Hear about Stuart's zone of genius that has allowed him to coach at such a high level. 
  • 34:35 - Bryce asks Stu to talk about how he gets his clients results by being a straight shooter and telling people like it is.
  • 36:40 - Stuart provides one unique value bomb that every average micro gym owner should know.   
  • 41:25 - Bryce’s famous lightning round Q&A! Q: What's your current passion? A: The concept of operational capacity. Q: What held your younger self back: A:Waited too long to ask for help. Q: Biggest piece of advice received? A: Keep uploading stories, keep storytelling. Q: What is a significant habit you have? A: My google calendar, color coordinated, super organized. Q: Piece of parting wisdom? A: Do what you can’t.
  • 51:00 -  You can find Stuart anywhere on the internet, just type in @wtfgymtalk!

“Just Keep Uploading”

-Stuart Bauer

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