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Fitness CEO

Jul 6, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson interviews today’s guests Daniel and Kat Salas, brother and sister duo from Modesto, CA.  Hear about their struggles and success as siblings growing up overweight and finding joy through fitness and health.  Get the inside scoop on running a business with a sibling from the struggles to the wins.  Learn the inside success these two have from being able to personally connect and empathize with their clients. Learn how to build a thriving business that inspires fitness and changes lives every day on today’s show.


01:15 - Your host Bryce Henson introduces today’s guest brother and sister team Daniel and Kat Salas, two overweight kids turned fitness experts and now owners of Modesto, CA FBBC. 

01:45 - Daniel and Kat take us through their backstories of being overweight kids and their journey to fitness and greater health.

14:00 - Bryce asks our guests how being overweight when they were younger has helped them to coach others on their journeys.

16:15 - Kat shares why they choose the fit body model for their fitness career.

19:15 - Kat and Daniel share their different strengths, weaknesses, and roles in their business.

25:35 - Bryce asks the siblings to share where they are now from when they started 3 years ago.

29:15 - Hear our guests take on leadership, what’s the value, how they view it, and some learning experiences they have had.

40:20 - Daniel shares his moment of clarity and what it has led to for his business.

41:15 - Hear about Daniel and Kats experience winning the 2021 Mastermind of the year award at FBBC’s World Conference. 

46:25 - Bryce’s famous Q&A lightning round. Q: Kat, what was one thing that was holding you back? A: Being self-conscious and not speaking out. Q: What is your best habit? A: Keep progressing and improving. 

56:00 - Find and follow Kat and Daniel on IG @kat_winningtheday, @daniel_salas_ and @vintagefairefbbc.


“The value of a true leader is to inspire people to take action”

Daniel Salas