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Fitness CEO

Sep 21, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson interviews today's guest expert marketer Chuck Goetschel.  Co-founder of “Rallio,” a powerful SaaS platform combining cloud-based social media technology, artificial intelligence and employee advocacy. Chuck is a triathlete and extreme runner who pushes himself physically and mentally to be the best version of himself daily.

Learn top-notch skills from a true visionary on how to excel in your business and expand yourself personally.  During today’s show, Chuck teaches valuable tips on how to use digital marketing for massive revenue and profits in your business

  • 01:45 - Your host Bryce introduces today’s guest founder of one of the biggest networking marketing companies on the planet, Chuck Goetschel. 
  • 02:40 - Chuck shares his backstory of starting his first business at 8 years old to his journey through building businesses throughout his life.  Follow along as he unpacks it all.
  • 06:00 - Brye asks Chuck how his having the mindset perspective of being a triathlete helped him in being an entrepreneur. 
  • 08:15 - hear about Chuck's engineering background and how it helped him on his journey.
  • 11:10 - Chuck breaks down the first business he scaled massively and had a fall from grace and the lessons he learned along the way.
  • 20:30 - Follow along as Chuck upacks how his small network marketing company exploded.
  • 24:00 - Chuck shares from his perspective where his vision and certainty comes from.
  • 30:05 - Hear about some of the lessons Chuck has learned while leading his team.
  • 34:15 - Learn about “Rallio” , what it is and what digital marketing is.
  • 38:36 - Chuck breaks down what separates his organization from others.
  • 41:50 - Bryce’s famous lightning round Q&A. Q: What are you most passionate about right now? A: Comebacks. Q: What is your zone of genius? A: Perspective change. Q: What was your proudest accomplishment? A: Having my first son. Q: What's the best advice you have received? A” Don’t believe yourself. Q: Book recommendation? A: “Modern Business Podcast: by Ryan “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff.
  • 51:30 - Find Chuck online at and on IG: @chuck_goetschel.

“Do everything with the end in mind” - Chuck Goetschel