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Fitness CEO

Dec 22, 2021

Your host, Bryce Henson, interviews fitness marketing guru Mike Arce, creator of “Loud Rumor.” Mike is a sought-after speaker in the fitness industry with a mission to help fitness studios increase memberships. Loud Rumor is one of the most extensive resources for fitness studio owners and their staff to learn the in’s and out’s of growing their studios from presale and marketing to hitting membership capacity and opening new locations.

Listen along to today’s show to hear how he did it all and how he can help you take your business to its greatest success.  

  • 01:09 - Bryce introduces today’s guest Mike Arce, the creator of Loud Rumor.
  • 02:40 - Hear Mike’s backstory from being born in New Jersey to his journey through sports and fitness, computers, and an array of odd jobs.
  • 5:00 - Learn some pivotal business experience that groomed Mike to become the powerhouse he is today.
  • 07:55 - Dive into sales with Bryce and Mike while they talk about how it is the lifeblood of any business.
  • 11:15 - Follow along as Bryce’s transitions into Loud Rumor, Mike's fitness marketing company.
  • 19:20 - Learn how Mike learned all he knows about SEO.
  • 27:02 - Bryce and Mike talk about content creation and what it takes from a  skillset perspective to be a good marketer.
  • 38:13 - Mike breaks down how he gets his growth rates for new clients.
  • 46:00 - Bryce talks about building your team and recruiting and how important your onboarding process and training is.
  • 54:58 - Bryce’s famous lightning round Q&A: Q: What is your zone of genius? A: I’m very clear on what I want. Q: What are you most passionate about in life today? A: Being able to help someone grow far in their business. Q: What was holding you back that you overcame? A: Being around the wrong people. Q: What's the best advice you have received? A: Don’t define anything based on anything outside of you. Q: Book recommendation? A: “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.
  • 1:06:25 -  Find and follow Mike on Instagram: @mikearcelive.

“Hang around winners if you want to start winning”

-Mike Arce

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