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Fitness CEO

Jul 27, 2022

Your host Bryce Henson interviews today’s guest Tony Blauer the creator of “Know Fear,” a confrontation management system for life. His search for overcoming his own fear took him down a path to create a behaviorally based personal defense system.  

Tune in to today’s show to hear his journey with fear and how he has changed his perception and can help you change yours too.  Tony shares how he started his business and offers amazing insight for other entrepreneurs into how they can have a thriving business and life as well.  

  • 01:15 - Your host Bryce Henson introduces today’s guest Tony Blauer.
  • 01:47 - Tony shares his backstory about living with fear and how he has gotten to know fear and manage it.
  • 07:30 - Tony expands on how martial arts came into his life and influenced his fear.
  • 13:40 - Learn about the theory behind flinching and how it is a non-conscious response, automatic survival. 
  • 20:35 -Tony shares how he started his own training business in 1985 at 20 years old.
  • 28:00 - Bryce touches on how understanding the environmental aspects has a lot to do with martial arts, hear Tony expand further on this.
  • 31:30 - Bryce asks Tony to talk about his movement “Know Fear,” follow along to hear how he teaches the psychology of fear.
  • 37:35 - Bryce asks Tony’s perspective on the Chris Rock and Will Smith debacle on stage.
  • 45:00 - Learn the behind-the-scenes of Tony’s “Know Fear,” program and how he trains high-profile teams. 
  • 55:10 - Bryce asks Tony to share what his biggest takeaways are around knowing fear to better entrepreneurs' businesses and life.
  • 01:02:20 - Bryce’s famous lightning round Q&A. Q: What is your biggest passion right now? A: Getting parents and kids to understand and read fear spikes. Q: What is your zone of genius? A: The ability to see something and turn it into an article or coaching session. Q: What is something an entrepreneur should know but doesn't? A: doubt creates hesitation which creates procrastination and wastes time. 
  • 01:19:53 - Follow Tony on IG @tonyblauer online at and check out his e-book for free.