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Fitness CEO

Nov 3, 2021

Your hosts Bedros Keuilian and Bryce Henson team up on today's show to answer the top 10 questions you asked the franchise advisors.  There are many different factors to consider when thinking about opening up your very own Fit Body Boot Camp.  Have you ever been curious about where, how, and when to open up a gym?  Maybe you're curious about how to staff a gym and what kind of software you would use.  Today your hosts break down the top questions into easy-to-understand tips, tricks, and strategies.  Tune in for a very knowledge-filled episode on building a Fit Body Boot Camp.

  • 01:00 - Bryce introduces today’s show along with Bedros where they dive into the top 10 questions most commonly asked from their franchise advisor Max.
  • 02:00 - Learn about how long it can take to open a Fit Body Boot Camp and the variables to consider.
  • 05:14 - Get the inside on where the best place to open a Fit Body Boot Camp, along with the importance of the demographics.
  • 10:35 - Learn about the current expenses involved with opening a FBBC of your own. 
  • 12:50 - What about the competition? Hear the different perspectives on approaching competing gyms.
  • 16:03 - How to navigate through issues like Covid, hear strategies, and what procedures were implemented.
  • 20:07 - Bryce speaks about how many team members and what positions it takes to run a successful FBBC.
  • 22:44 - You asked, how do I pick my gym software, hear about Fit Pro Tracker and all of the amazing features it offers.
  • 27:00 -Learn how to structure membership, from trials to weekly, and more.
  • 28:44 - Listen along for tips for hiring staff and all that FBBC provides to help you through the process.
  • 32:06 - Bryce shares how to develop your team members and why this is the core of a positive and effective business.
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“Revenue feeds the ego, profits feed the family”

-Bedros Keuilian 

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